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Throughout a series of publications —including articles published in Theory and Society, Sociological Methodology, The American Journal of Cultural Sociology, and Sociology, as well as an article in Qualitative Sociology which won the Shils-Coleman Award, my various research projects are guided by the same overarching objective: to join rich empirical material to the most generative theory frames applicable. I have also conducted research and published in several other areas, including digital media, theory, qualitative research methods, work and family, and consumption. You can also see my work on Research Gate. ​

Selected Publications


Robinson, Laura, Øyvind N. Wiborg, and Jeremy M. Schulz. 2018. 
Interlocking Inequalities: Digital Stratification Meets Academic Stratification.” 
American Behavioral Scientist.

Robinson, Laura and Jeremy Schulz. 2016. 
"From Frontstage to Backstage: Eliciting Different Forms of Interview Talk.” 
Sociological Methodology.

Schulz, Jeremy. 2015. 
"Winding Down the Workday: Zoning the Evening Hours in Paris, Oslo, and San Francisco."  
Qualitative Sociology.

    Shils-Coleman Award from the ASA Theory Section

Robinson, Laura, Shelia Cotten, Hiroshi Ono, Anabel Quan-Haase, Gustavo Mesch, Wenhong Chen, 
Jeremy Schulz, Tim Hale, and Mike Stern. 2015. 
Digital Inequalities and Why They Matter.” 
Information, Communication and Society.

Schulz, Jeremy and Laura Robinson. 2013. 
“Shifting Grounds and Evolving Battlegrounds: Evaluative Frameworks and Debates about 
Market Capitalism from the 1920s to 2000.” 
American Journal of Cultural Sociology.

Robinson, Laura and Jeremy Schulz. 2013. 
“Net Time Negotiations within the Family.”
Information, Communication, & Society.

Schulz, Jeremy. 2012. 
“Talk of Work: Divergent Cultural Repertoires in French, Norwegian and American Justifications for Hard Work." 
Theory and Society. 

Robinson, Laura and Jeremy Schulz. 2009. 
“New Avenues for Sociological Inquiry: Evolving Forms of Ethnographic Practice” Sociology.

     Featured: Sociology’s special edited by Louise Ryan & Linda McKie
     “Exploring Trends and Challenges in Sociological Research”

     Reprinted: "SAGE Internet Research Methods” Jason Hughes Ed. 
     SAGE Library of Research Methods 

     Reprinted: "Virtual Research Methods” Christine Hine Ed.
     SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods 

     Reprinted “Approaches to Fieldwork” Sam Hillyard Ed.
     SAGE Benchmarks in Social Research Methods 2014

Schulz, Jeremy. 2006. 
“Vehicle of the Self: the Social and Cultural Work of the H2 Hummer SUV.” 
Journal of Consumer Culture.

Schulz, Jeremy. 2002. 
“Metaphorical and non-Metaphorical Meaning in Ideological Discourses.” 
Culture, Theory, and Critique. 


Schulz, Jeremy and Laura Robinson. 2017. 
"Security-Autonomy-Mobility Roadmaps: Passports To Security" 
Beyond the Cubicle: Job Insecurity Culture and the Flexible Self, 
Edited by Allison Pugh, Oxford University Press.

Schulz, Jeremy. 2013. 
“Channeling Time and Energy to Work and Home.” 
Impediments to Empathy: Studies on Emotional Labour, Commodification and Time Binds
Edited by Gertraud Koch and Stefanie Everke Buchanan, Campus Verlag distributed by University of Chicago Press. 

Schulz, Jeremy. 2011. 
“Framing Couple Time and Togetherness Among American and Norwegian Professional Couples,” 
At the Heart of Work and Family: Building on the Work of Arlie Hochschild
Edited by Karen Hanson and Anita Garey, Rutgers University Press.

Robinson, Laura and Jeremy Schulz. 2011. "New Fieldsites, New Methods: New Ethnographic Opportunities" 
The Handbook of Emergent Technologies in Social Research
Edited by Sharlene Hesse-Biber, Oxford University Press.


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